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Gamification: What Triggers Behavioral Change?

When attempting to use gamification to change behavior, impart knowledge or for other purposes, it is crucial to ask whether the end goal is short or long-term. In some cases people rush into gamification without consultation or research, thinking it will solve all...

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Expert session: Keys to success in digital innovation

These days, everyone is talking about digital innovation, but how do you put it into practice? What steps can you take? And how can you engage different stakeholders in the process? In this expert session you will have two hands-on workshops where you will discover...

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See What I’m Saying?

From the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph walls to the Native American smoke signals, mankind has been using visual methods to communicate and express itself. Finally, digital communication is catching up and is becoming increasingly visual. From the text-heavy days of...

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A Casual Game Against Smoking

In the Netherlands, 26% of people smoke, most of them daily, and there are over 20,000 smoking-related deaths every year. In an effort to dissuade young people from taking up the habit or encouraging them to quit, the Trimbos institute, the Dutch Institute of Mental...

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